Ceremonial Cacao

How to use your Ceremonial Cacao Block

How To Use Your Ceremonial Cacao Block?

Many of our new discoverers of Ceremonial Cacao often ask us this simple question - how do I use the cacao block? This simple guide will answer that question!
by Shaa Taylor on September 21, 2022
Rose Activated Cacao Brew

Rose Activated Cacao Brew

This morning, we connected to the medicine of Rose, the "Queen of flowers", the flower of love. Roses have long been cherished to alleviate pms, relax menstrual & libido difficulties & help us feel frisky! 
by Shaa Taylor on August 26, 2020
How to make the Perfect Sacred Hot Chocolate

How to Make the Perfect Sacred Hot Chocolate

Ritualistic preparation of a delicious Sacred Hot Chocolate is the cornerstone of any good meditation, yoga practice or creative session. So take your time and put as much love into the whole process as you can.

by Shaa Taylor on June 25, 2020
Sacred Cacao Love Potion

Sacred Cacao Love Potion – A Recipe for More Mojo

The Sacred Cacao Love Potion is our newest witchy concoction and we are excited about it! Each herb in the brew contains aphrodisiac qualities and will give you that sparkly feeling and extra zing. It also tastes delicious!
by Shaa Taylor on June 24, 2020