How To Use Your Ceremonial Cacao Block?

by Shaa Taylor on September 21, 2022

Many of our cacao lovers and new discoverers of the cacao often ask us this simple question - how do I use the ceremonial cacao?

So we thought we'd answer your questions with a simple guide on how to use cacao in everyday use.

Remember to keep your intention aligned, spirit connected and treat the Mumma cacao with love & care!

1. Shave with a knife, grate with a grater or chop into small chunks and food process or bullet blend into a coarse powder.
2. Put 1-2 tbsp into your mug, and add a tiny bit of boiled water.
3. Stir into a smooth paste, gradually adding more hot water.
4. Top up with warmed nut/plant milk of choice or just add more water until it’s your desired consistency. (Milk isn’t necessary as the cacao butter is naturally quite creamy just if you prefer yours extra creamy)
5. Add sweetener of choice (maple or honey work well)
6. Give thanks to the Cacao Deva, sip and enjoy!
And...take as much time as you can to savour and relish the warmth and softening in your heart.

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